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Static calculation and building physics

Due to increasing knowledge in science the mankind has been sensitized for the careful dealing with nature and its resources. It has already been stated in laws that the policy recognizes its responsibility for control functions.
Now there are new discussions on the correctness of the greenhouse effect due to the increased accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere or the quantity of the suitable fossil fuels (mineral oil, natural gas). No matter what knowledge will be collected in this field, the savings and with this, the conservation of our natural resources has always the first priority. No matter, if we are heading a global heat or ice age, if the energy resources will be enough for the next 50 or 500 years, in each case the natural resources are limited. This should not only make us to support research but, already now, we should utilize the available alternative energy sources.

With this, the utilization of the sun radiation is very important. Its direct utilization by solar thermal technologies and its conversion into electrical energy (Photovoltaic) provide absolutely „clean“ (pollution-free) energy sources, except fort he generation of pollutions and the utilization of fossil fuels during the production of the systems. Now, heat pumps with different media are used as a further alternative and prevail in many fields.

Additionally, solar energy is available in unlimited quantities – as long as our solar system exists. Compared to the time periods of the universe, this branch of science and its industrial fields are in the early stage of development, so that the efficiency of such systems is continuously increasing today. In fact, it is seen to be inefficient but how irrelevant seems this evaluation if it is compared to the existence of our planet or the conservation of the conditions for biological life.

This is the reason why the aspects for structural-physical planning and installation engineering form a main field of activities of my office. The activities include:

  • Expert advice
  • Expert reports
  • Energy passes
  • EnEV-proofs
  • Planning of new buildings
  • Renovation of energy systems