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Building is one of the important human activities which are continuously developing during the personal development. However the mobility on the way to new living spaces on the journeys of discovery depends on the evolution and is subject to revolutionary jumps. Because a lot of parts of our planet have been researched, the human kind is focusing its attention on the outer space. This part of history is still very young and is only about 100 years old. On 03 October 1942 at 15:58 (CET) the first object created by human beings, the „AGGREGAT 4“ reached the border of the outer space.

If we have a look at the human history, the 20th century and especially the development of the rocket technology presents the biggest leap of the human development.

It was not difficult to me to apply myself to this interesting and wide-ranging topic because my hometown Bleicherode is inextricably linked with these events, i.e. with the space travel – the future of the mankind. As a result, I published a book, did some preliminary work for books and a dissertation and contributed to three TV-reports. Furthermore, I gave lectures on respective specialist conferences.

„Raketen aus Bleicherode“, Raketenbau und Entwicklung in Bleicherode am Harz (Rockets from Bleicherode“ Rocket construction and development in the South Harz Mountains), 1943-1948 by Bernd Henze and Gunther Hebestreit (H & H – Verlag), ISBN 978-3-00-003321-1

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